Earn revenue from unauthorized usage of your Free To Use Music

Our YouTube-certified¹ team utilizes proprietary technology to monetize unauthorized usage of Free To Use Music through Content ID, while keeping acceptable usage claim-free. +Aufrufe pro Jahr
2.000.000+ € An Creator ausgezahlt
5.000.000 +Videos monetarisiert

Du hast konkrete Lizenzbedingungen ...

Du hast in deiner Videobeschreibung oder auf deiner Website Zurechnungs- oder Content-Bedingungen angegeben - wie unser Kunde Jebase.

Also sollte dich jeder, der deine Musik verwendet, als Künstler erwähnen, richtig?

… but uploaders don't care!

You have probably seen hundreds, if not thousands, of videos using your music without sufficient or even any attribution at all.

Since you can't apply Content ID to your music without placing claims on videos that meet all licensing requirements, you're stuck with no revenue.

Introducing: AutoLicense

Setting up your account

Our YouTube-certified¹ digital rights management team imports your music and licensing information in AutoLicense.

Match Search

AutoLicense integrates with YouTube's Content ID to search for new and old usage of your music, without placing annoying false copyright claims.

License Review

As soon as a new video containing your music has been found, AutoLicense reviews the videos title, description, and metadata for compliance with your license.

If the video is not compliant, we will place a copyright claim and monetize the video.

Collect Your Payment

We continuously generate revenue from videos not compliant with your licensing requirements and send you a monthly payment, only a few days after YouTube pays us.


Enable Further Monetization

Managing your rights with our help makes it necessary for uploaders to follow your attribution terms or purchase a license from you.

You can register channels on your Custom Allowlist, so that your customers can use some or all of your tracks without receiving claims, and provide automated license key validation for single track purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

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