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2.000.000+ € An Creator ausgezahlt
5.000.000 +Videos monetarisiert

Premium Technical Support

Working with – and sometimes against – huge platforms is a hassle. Our dedicated team helps you manage your channels and accounts and assists with any technical issues.

Issue Escalation

Strikes and terminations are often a result of missing context - we're able to escalate issues to the right team at the right time.


We're experts on the requirements for verification checkmarks and verified artists channels on YouTube and other platforms.

Feature Access Requests

We request and couch you about new and exclusive features, like custom merchandise shelves or shorts.

Strike & Claim Resolution

Navigating complex guidelines and terms is a full-time job. We make sure you stay compliant and keep your accounts safe.

Copyright Protection

With our experience from monetizing billions of views, we know exactly how to fight false strikes and claims.

Claim & Strike Review

Forward all incoming strikes & claims to our team – we will review them and their eligibility to make sure you're not a victim of bad actors.

Issue Escalation

Some problems require an expert team to solve. Our direcr relationships with major platforms and social networks can help.

Channel Management

Trends and algorithms change every day. We keep you updated about changes and regularly review your channel and content.

Proven Strategies

We have managed hundreds of channels and know what works and what doesn't. Leveraging our experience, we will analyze and optimize your channel and content strategy.

Data-Driven Processes

We don't "feel" what's right for your channel, but perform in-depth analysis of your statistics to back our findings with data.

Regular Adjustments

Receive regular consultations with your Partner Manager to stay up-to-date on trends and algorithm updates.

Monetization Support

When a platform such as YouTube is an essential income stream, you must protect it. We help you to stay monetized and mitigate risks.

Re-Monetization Assistance

Years of experience in monetizing content on YouTube allow us to define convincing monetization strategies and concepts.

Revenue Optimization

We optimize the types and number of advertisements shown on your channel to determine your optimal monetization set-up.

Licensing Services

If your videos include 3rd party content, we work with the rights holders to clear a license for your channel.

Hacking Protection

Your channel is your capital. Keep it save!

Pro-Active Security Measures

We implement a secure authentication and access strategy for your channel, leveraging Google's technology with digital and physical keys.

Issue Escalation

When an attack occurs, it's important to act fast. We make sure the right teams at YouTube are informed as soon as possible so that they can assist in recovering access.

Regular Security Training

Attack patterns change, and so must your behavioral do. We keep you informed about potential threads and how to fight them.

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