Get paid for all neighboring royalties you're owed!

Regardless of where your music is played, you are most likely owed neighboring rights royalties.

> 11,000artist & creators under management
> 4,000,000$paid out to rights holders
> 200,000works under administration

You're owed royalties for your neighboring rights – collect them now!

  • Neighboring rights protect artists and rights holders (e.g., labels) who have contributed to create a sound recording.
  • Whenever sound recordings you contributed to are performed publicly (TV, radio, even UGC platforms like YouTube or Facebook).
  • Neither your music distributor nor your publisher nor your PRO collects those royalties. You are leaving money on the table!

What we do for you

  • After signing up, we will register your songs with collection sources in all relevant territories, through direct affiliations with collection societies and their global network.
  • Doing this yourself would be a full-time job: not only registering your songs with dozens of sources around the world, but also tracking down your royalties with each of them. We also make sure UGC platforms such as YouTube have all the relevant metadata so that you receive the royalties you're owed.
  • You can control your songs and register new ones through our proprietary dashboard, and have 24/7 access to our experienced content operations team.

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