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Regardless of where your music is played (streaming services, social media platforms, TV, radio, ...), you are most likely owed publishing royalties.

4,000,000,000 +Annual Views
2,000,000+ €Paid Out To Creators
5,000,000 +Videos Monetized

How we will help you

New Revenue Stream

You're most likely missing out on many of the royalties we can collect for you.

Worldwide Network

We collect royalties in all relevant countries, from all relevant pay sources.

Industry-Leading Revenue Shares

We believe that it should be you who gets the largest portion of your music's revenue.

Full Transparency

Register your works and see where your royalties come from in our dashboard.

No Up-Front Fees

Sign up for free. We keep a % of royalties we collect for you, so you never pay us.

Keep Your Ownership

We're just your administrator: You keep all rights to your music and can cancel anytime.

Revenue Analytics

See where your royalties are coming from. We show you the countries, pay sources, and works that earn you most.

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Register new works with ease in under one minute. We do the heavy lifting of registrering your music with dozens of pay sources.

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