Earn revenue from unauthorized usage of your original content

Earn more, keep track of who is uploading your content, and stay in control – we protect your digital rights with Content ID.

4,000,000,000 +Annual Views
2,000,000+ €Paid Out To Creators
5,000,000 +Videos Monetized

Premium Content Protection

Uploaders all over the world use your original without permission to generate revenue on YouTube. YourVid helps you earn from every unauthorized upload.

Industry-Leading Revenue Shares

We believe that it should be you who gets the largest portion of your content's revenue.

Earn Additional Revenue

We can monetize all unauthorized copies of your original content on YouTube for you.

You Decide What Stays Online

You can decide whether you want to monetize or take down copies on a case-to-case basis.

How it works

Content Import

We regularly review your content on YouTube and other social media accounts and automatically import the most viral original pieces into our rights management tools.

Match Search

We integrate with YouTube's Content ID to search for new and old usages of your content. The revenue generated from these videos is now coming into your pocket.

Collect Your Payment

We continuously generate revenue from videos containing your content and send you a monthly payment, only a few days after YouTube pays us.

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