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Earn money from unauthorized usage of your free music while ensuring authorized uploads remain claim-free.

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You have attribution requirements…

You have included attribution requirements in your video description or on your website – like our client LiQWYD.
Now, everyone should credit you as the artist when using your music, right?

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… but uploaders don't care!

You have probably seen countless videos containing your music without sufficient or even any attribution at all.
Since you can't add your music into Content ID without placing claims on videos that meet all licensing requirements, you're stuck with no revenue and no attribution.


The solution: AutoLicense

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You're In Control

Our dashboard allows you to see and control your assets and claims.

Automated Attribution Review

We automatically review the description of every YouTube video containing your music, ensuring only uploads without attribution receive claims.


Custom Allowlist for Authorized Uploaders

Allow channels to use part or all of your catalog without receiving claims — without affecting other clients' or being affected by their licenses. Add, remove and edit channels in real-time directly in our dashboard.

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Transparent Analytics

See detailed insights into the performance of your assets, daily views and claims, and number of claims in our dashboard.


Release Claims in Real-Time

If you want to allow an uploader to use your music, you can release any claim in real-time from our dashboard.


You're in great company!

See what artists using AutoLicense say about us.

Best decision I made

Joining YourVid and using AutoLicense at the end of 2021 was probably the best decision I made since I started sharing my “Free To Use” music on YouTube. Today, I make a living from music as a full-time independent music producer and it would not have been possible without YourVid. I 100% recommend their service to other artists.

Offer is next-level

Working with the YourVid team has been fantastic. Their solution has been a perfect fit for my needs as an artist. They go the extra mile to ensure everything is done right and the customer service and transparency they offer is next-level.

Recommend it to anyone

I've been with other Content ID protection providers before and their support has either been too slow or they've not been able to offer the service I've needed for my royalty-free music. YourVid has been amazing and I recommend it to anyone that wants help protecting their music and content from infringement.
Declan DPArtist

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Frequently asked questions answered

What is AutoLicense?

AutoLicense is our proprietary technology to automatically review YouTube videos containing your music regarding their licensing situation. AutoLicense can decide whether any video fulfills complex licensing requirements within milliseconds, which makes it the most attractive monetization opportunity for artists creating Production Music or Free To Use Music.

What is the difference between AutoLicense and standard Content ID providers?

Most Content ID service providers do a fantastic job at monetizing music that no one is allowed to use. The challenge with free music: You want to earn revenue from videos using your music without a valid license, but don't claim any video that correctly follows your licensing guidelines.

We have invested thousands of hours developing AutoLicense, a system that automatically reviews incoming matches and assures only correct claims are being placed.

How does AutoLicense know whether a video contains the correct attribution?

Simply tell us your attribution requirements, we'll do the rest. AutoLicense reviews the video title, description, and metadata to determine whether a video fulfills your licensing requirements.

Can I allow channels to use my music without attribution?

Yes! With our Custom Allowlist feature, you can allow channels to use some or all of your music without receiving a copyright claim.

Where can I see my claims?

Our dashboard shows you all your assets and claims in real-time so you're always in control of who uses your content.

How much does AutoLicense cost?

It's completely free to sign up. We only earn money when we make you money by keeping a share of the royalties we collect.

How much can I earn with AutoLicense?

This depends on how many videos contain your music, and how much revenue those videos generate. We have collected over $8MM in royalties for our clients so far, so it is definitely worth a try!

How soon do I get paid?

You can start earning tomorrow, and receive your first payment a few days after YouTube pays us (approx. 2 months).

How long does it take to sign up for AutoLicense?

After you have filled out our form, we'll review your details and send you an agreement within a few hours. After you sign, we'll immediately give you access to our dashboard. Overall, you can start earning money within 24 hours.

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