Earn money from unauthorized usage of your Free To Use Music

> 2,000artist & creators under management
> 4,000,000$paid out to rights holders
> 15,000,000videos monetized

You have attribution terms…

You have included attribution requirements in your video description or on your website – like our client LiQWYD.

Now, everyone should credit you as the artist when using your music, right?

Screenshot 2022-02-22 184425.png

… but uploaders don't care!

You have probably seen hundreds, if not thousands, of videos containing your music without sufficient or even any attribution at all.

Since you can't apply Content ID to your music without placing claims on videos that meet all licensing requirements, you're stuck with no revenue.

The solution: AutoLicense

  • We scan YouTube for videos that use your music and review every single upload for compliance with your license requirements.
  • Only when your requirements are not met will we place a Content ID claim on the video and you will receive future revenues.
  • Uploaders who follow your requirements will not even notice you joined AutoLicense, they can continue using your music as before.
  • You protect uploaders from fake claims because when we add your music to Content ID, no-one else can.
  • You will receive a monthly payment from us.
  • See all your assets and claims in our dashboard.
  • The best part: It's completely free to sign up. We only earn money when we make you money by keeping a share of the royalties we collect on your behalf.

You're in great company.

See what artists using AutoLicense say about us

5 / 5

Joining YourHit at the end of 2021 was probably the best decision I made since I started sharing my “Free To Use” music on YouTube. [...] Today, I make a living from music as a full-time independent music producer [and] it would not have been possible without YourHit [...] I 100% recommend their service to other artists.

5 / 5

Working with the YourHit team has been fantastic. Their solution has been a perfect fit for my needs as an artist.
They go the extra mile to ensure everything is done right and the customer service and transparency they offer is next-level.

5 / 5

I've been with other Content ID protection providers before and their support has either been too slow or they've not been able to offer the service I've needed for my royalty free music. YourHit has been amazing and I recommend it to anyone that wants help protecting their music and content from infringement.

Declan DP

Ready to get started?

Contact us or get to know the team!


Ready to get started?

Contact us or get to know the team!