Earn money from unauthorized usage of your music

> 2,000artist & creators under management
> 4,000,000$paid out to rights holders
> 15,000,000videos monetized

Content ID management for record labels

  • We scan YouTube for videos that use your music and monetize videos that use your music without permission.
  • When the usage is not licensed, we place a Content ID claim on the video and you will receive all revenues.
  • You will receive a monthly payment from us.
  • We're able to cater to all common licensing models, including channel-based licensing and single-track licensing.

Full control through our dashboard

See and control all your assets, claims, and licenses in our proprietary dashboard.

Search and filter through all your assets
Control claims in real-time
Upload new assets or send huge deliveries in bulk
Up-to-date information on your assets' ownership and policies
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Custom Allowlist for Channel-Based Licenses

When you want to permit specific channels to use your music, you can ensure they won't receive claims. Our Custom Allowlist scans new and existing uploads for matches of your music and only claims uploads on channels not part of your Custom Allowlist. Authorized channels will never see any claim on videos uploaded while they're on your Custom Allowlist. The Custom Allowlist can be defined on an asset-level, permitting channels to use some of your tracks, but not others.

Control via dashboard or API
Granularly control which track(s) a channel is allowed to use
Updates become effective in real-time

License Validation for Single-Track Purchases

You don't want to force your customers and their clients to dispute Content ID claims on every video. Our software can be connected to any e-commerce platform and automatically releases a video when a valid license key is placed in the video description.

Control via dashboard or API
No annoying Content ID claims or disputes
Updates become effective in real-time
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