Get paid for all publishing royalties you're owed!

Regardless of where your music is played, you are most likely owed publishing royalties.

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> 4,000,000$paid out to rights holders
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You're owed publishing royalties – collect them now!

  • There are two sets of copyright for music: The composition and the recording.
  • Your music distributor or digital rights management provider most likely collects only the recording's royalties. Your publishing royalties (those are owed for the compositions) are most likely not collected from all pay sources!
  • If you are not affiliated with a Performance Rights Organization (like ASCAP, GEMA, SESAC), you're missing out on an entire revenue stream.
  • Even if you are affiliated with a PRO, they likely
    • collect international royalties only through reciprocal deals with foreign PROs which often result in delayed and incomplete registrations
    • do not collect the publisher’s share of your royalties (this usually represents 50% of total royalties and, in some societies, must be collected by a publisher)
    • do not collect mechanical royalties from digital streaming and downloads
    • do not actively monitor and fight false ownership claims on your assets in YouTube Content ID

What we do differently

  • With music that is primarily listened to on streaming platforms and YouTube, we noticed two major challenges:
    • Royalties must be tracked down and calculated in every country
    • A clear connection between digital assets (e.g., in YouTube Content ID) and the publishing societies’ databases must be established
  • That is why we built our Publishing Administration service and directly integrated it into our existing Content ID and music distribution offering.
  • After signing up, we will register your songs directly with collection sources worldwide. Doing this yourself would be a full-time job: not only registering your songs with dozens of sources around the world, but also tracking down your royalties with each of them and solving ownership conflicts. We also make sure your composition assets are registered in YouTube Content ID, and those assets are associated with every claim we make.
  • You can control your compositions and register new ones through our proprietary dashboard, and have 24/7 access to our experienced publishing administration team.

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