Automated Content ID Management

Clear licensed content on YouTube at scale while monetizing unauthorized usage.

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Manage Catalog & Licenses With Ease

When your catalog is popular on YouTube, you want your clients to stay claim-free while monetizing unauthorized usage. YourVid allows you to do all that and more.

Automated License Validation

Automatically clear videos that are licensed & manually release claims via dashboard or API.

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Custom Allowlist for Channel-Based Subscriptions

Allow channels to use part or all of your catalog without receiving claims — without affecting other clients' or being affected by their licenses. Add, remove and edit channels in real-time via API or our dashboard.

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Transparent Analytics

See detailed insights into the performance of your assets, daily views and revenues, and number of claims in our dashboard.


Release Claims in Real-Time

If you want to allow an uploader to use your music, you can release any claim in real-time from our dashboard.


Why YourVid?

Learn why production music libraries that want to maximize royalties while achieving higher customer satisfaction choose YourVid.

Efficient Revenue Collection

Through YouTube's Content ID, we collect royalties from all unauthorized uploads, with low commission and short payment cycles.

Skilled Team

Our highly trained Content Operations Team is available 24/7 to assist with urgent or more complex licensing needs.


We solve what was previously an operational nightmare through technology, allowing you to serve your customers better and faster.

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Powerful Add-ons

Maximize your catalog's royalties with our additional services.

Publishing Administration

Collect worldwide publishing royalties — no need for additional contracts or administration, all from our dashboard.Learn More

Neighboring Rights Administration

Collect neighboring royalties worldwide and from all pay sources.

Music Distribution

Distribute your music to relevant services worldwide with exclusive features like VEVO channels and editorial pitching.