Music Distribution and Content ID

Distribute your music to streaming services worldwide and earn money from unauthorized usage of your music.

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Manage YouTube Content ID With Ease

Maximize your content's royalties from YouTube while ensuring your licensees remain claim-free.

Automated License Validation

Automatically clear videos that are licensed & manually release claims via dashboard or API.

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Custom Allowlist

Allow channels to use part or all of your catalog without receiving claims — without affecting other clients' or being affected by their licenses. Add, remove and edit channels in real-time via API or our dashboard.

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Transparent Analytics

See detailed insights into the performance of your assets, daily views and revenues, and number of claims in our dashboard.


Release Claims in Real-Time

If you want to allow an uploader to use your music, you can release any claim in real-time from our dashboard.


Distribute Music To All Platforms

We're your direct line to Spotify, Apple Music, and over 30 more DSPs.

Fast Distribution

We approve and deliver releases within 24 hours, ensuring even last-minute changes go live on time.

Dedicated Support

Your personal account manager and our content operations team are available 24/7 to troubleshoot issues and optimize your catalog.

Marketing Levers

Pitch releases to major DSPs and access features like Spotify Discovery Mode to promote your releases.

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